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Where is my mind

The way to should keep secret starts at the Surface.

With the shape of things and animated bodies. With the shimmer and smell of skin. On the surface begins the sense that processes are at work below the surface that are more significant than is apparent at first glance. At the beginning of the 20th century, a well-known artist explained how to make the invisible visible. At that time, the culture became convinced that the visual arts were not just a way of depicting external reality with conscious accuracy, but a way of penetrating into realms of our experience that lie below our consciousness.


The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud called dreams „the royal road to the unconscious“. But fine art is also a good way to make the unconscious processes of our life visible and to approach the secret that life is for us and that every person is for themselves. Many artists, like viewers of works of art, take sides on one side or the other, preferring realistic depiction, free or intellectual-conceptual abstraction, playfully undecided experimentation, or more or less original illustration. Clear styles, commonly called artistic handwriting, determine her artistic work. Only a few artists, like Agata Schubert-Hauck, have the courage or the drive to pursue very different pictorial styles one after the other or side by side and even to combine them with one another. Everything is a question of personality, of character, also in the creation and handling of art. Agata Schubert-Hauck is a draftswoman and a painter, she understands the print medium and the art of performance, and she also has a “handy” that is as secure as it is intuitive when it comes to sculptural design.




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